Friday, May 28, 2010

We like the King who was worthy one

In the year 1214, during the time of the crusades, the soldiers of France were preparing for a great battle. On the evening before the battle, the king ordered an alter to be built in the middle of camp. Then he placed his crown on top of the alter with the inscription : "To the worthiest". Turning to the lord and nobles, to the knights and soldiers gathered around him, the king said, "He who fights the hardest and wins the day shall be king. I renounced all my rights to this crown and will have no other except those that i will prove myself.
When the battle began at dawn, the king fought like a wounded lion. He plowed into the ranks of the enemy, leaving a wide swath of dead and wounded that fell before the wild and furious blows of his double edged sword. Like a devouring fire raging through a parched mountain forest while the wind rolls the flame on all sides in riotous confusion, the king stormed over the battlefield with a fury that knew no limits. His horse trampled under its hooves dead man broken shields. The battle ended at sundown. The enemy was routed and the day was won. With weary limbs an bloodied swords, the surviving soldiers gathered around the alter and shouted, "You, O king, fought the hardest an dare most worthy." And they gave him back his crown.

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