Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Vedic Interpretation Soyombo [Svayam bhu]

A legend talks about Mongolian great lama Zanabazar Who seeing symbol signs during meditation in the sky one night, that symbol he named Soyambo (sanskrit word) later on represents of national emblem. The term Soyambo or Svayabhu (in sanskrit) is derived from two grammatical elements svayum + bhu; svayam means "self" and bhu means existing. therefore that sanskrit word means self existing or intend by independent. Moreover there is one ancient Indian theological scripture. This ancient scripture describes the physical shape of the Cosmic Form. How imagined that symbol, how wonderful imagined that symbol..,

The fire considered as his head(of the Cosmic form),
the sun and moon are His eyes,
the quarters are His ears,
The vedas are His speech,
the air is His prana (life breath),
the universe is His heart, and
the earth is His feet.
(Mundaka-Upanishad 2 1.4)