Thursday, April 7, 2011

"The Way of Walking Alone"

The Dokkodo(The Way of Walking Alone) was a short teaching written by who was famous samurai, philosopher, writer, sumi-e artist Miyamoto Musashi interestingly a week before when he died .it was dedicated to his beloved disciple, Terao Magonojo. who took them deeply to heart.

1. Accept everything just the way it is.
2. Do not seek pleasure for its own sake.
3. Do not, under any circumstances, depend on a partial feeling.
4. Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.
5. Be detached from desire your whole life long.
6. Do not regret what you have done.
7. Never be jealous.
8. Never let yourself be saddened by a separation.
9. Resentment and complaint are appropriate neither for oneself nor others.
10. Do not let yourself be guided by the feeling of lust or love.
11. In all things have no preferences.
12. Be indifferent to where you live.
13. Do not pursue the taste of good food.
14. Do not hold on to possessions you no longer need.
15. Do not act following customary beliefs.
16. Do not collect weapons or practice with weapons beyond what is useful.
17. Do not fear death.
18. Do not seek to possess either goods or fiefs for your old age.
19. Respect Buddha and the gods without counting on their help.[1]
20. You may abandon your own body but you must preserve your honour.
21. Never stray from the Way.

Only Leon Can Be Alone!!!


Anonymous said...

Can one both accept everything just the way it is and not act following customary beliefs?

Anonymous said...

Is it ever possible to think deeply of world while keeping in mind that one is doing it for the sake of oneself? Because when one is given advise of thinking of world much more than oneself for it being beneficial to himself, how can one truly think deeply of world?

Rapuncela said...

nice screen :)