Sunday, February 24, 2008

And Yet…

There`s more to life than just understanding.

Issa, the great Japanese poet , suffered. He must have been a very, very sensitive man; he`s one of the greatest haiku poets. When he was only thirty he had already lost his five children; almost every year a child died. Then his wife died and he was almost competely mad –in anguish, in suffering.

He want to a Zen master who asked , “What is the problem?” The Zen master was one who has attained but one who has not completely forgotten human misery.

Issa said, “My five children and my wife are dead. Why is there so much suffering? I can`t see the reason for it. I have not done anything wrong to anybody, I have lived as innocently as possible. I`m a poet, I live in my own world. I have lived a very poor life, but I was happy. I hear there must to an explanation”.

The Zen master said, Life`s nature is like a dewdrop: It hangs for a while for a while on leaf of grass; a small breeze and it is gone; the sun rises and it evaporates. It is the nature of the life that death happens. There is no need for any special reason to be given. That is the nature of life.”

Issa was a man of deep intelligence. He understood it. He came back an dhe wrote a haiku.

Life, a dewdrop?

I understand

Yet…and yet….

In that yet…and yet…he`s saying something superbly human. The wife is gone, the children are gone and the eyes are full of tears: and yet…and yet….

Only those who have suffered can understand that life a dewdrop, but even then –yet, and yet remains. Even when you understand, understanding is difficult.

And those who have not suffered, what to say of them? They live a superficial life. Happiness is always superficial; eating, loving - very ordinary. Suffering has a depth; it awakens you, it shoks you out of your sleep. Yes, only thohse who have sufferd will understand What I`m saying: And yet…and yet….

Experted from Come Follow To You, Osho

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